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You were just one of my friend’s crush. Nothing less, nothing more. We texted and became friends. We talked everyday and never get bored as we tell our stories. Prom came. You asked me to be your last dance and I said sure! We enjoyed each others company and songs changed our lives that took us to where we are now. It was like a fairy tale turned into a reality. It was so unexpected. And great things happen unexpectedly.

You’re one of the great things that happened to me. You’re different from all the guys I’ve met. You’re that guy who’s vocal enough to tell how much you love me despite all my imperfections and flaws. You’re that guy who will always find time just to spend a day with me. And you’re that guy who’s not spending lots of money but giving all of his effort just to make me happy. And I appreciate every single thing that you do for me, whether its big or small.

I am beyond grateful for having like you in my life. You’re just so understanding and patient. Any girl could ever wish for. And I’m so thankful to have you. We fight, its inevitable and normal yet we manage to fix things and become more stronger. We’re too good for each other. Nothing and no one can separate us. I love you for who you are and for what you have become. And I will love you more each day.


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